Bedbugs are blood-suckers commonly found in hotels, motels and hostels, as well as second-hand furniture or clothing.

Unlike most other bugs, the bedbug is wingless, and of the 89 species, there are two that mainly bite humans, the common bedbug and the tropical bedbug. The resurgence of bedbugs is part of a worldwide trend, although the reasons for the increase have not been scientifically resolved. Many factors are probably contributing to the upsurge, with increasing world travel being suggested as the main cause as the insects are transferred through the movements of travellers. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service has also recorded a similar trend, with a large increase in interceptions over recent years, and the majority of interceptions have been from the luggage of travellers.

They feed for 3 to 5 minutes at night, in the early morning hours, before returning to their harborage area, usually located within a few meters from their feeding area. Bedbugs can survive for long periods without a blood meal.

If you are noticing little blood marks on your bedding or skin in the morning, you may have a bedbug problem – call Pesterminate on 0418 390 360.